Top tips to keep toasty!


At this time of year, everyone’s morning routine is getting tougher, no one wants to be rolling out of their warm bed into the bathroom and setting foot on a cold set of tiles. Bathroom specialists and designers know the feeling well and Ana Rezende, Senior Designer at Ripples, has got a few toasty tips to help keep your bathroom cosy and stylish this Winter.

Ana Rezende.jpgUnderfloor heating is a must have in a bathroom nowadays. The comfort of waking up in the morning and not having to step on cold tiles is a life changing thing, especially if you are someone who hates waking up on a cold Winter’s morning. 

Certain changes can immdiately make the space cosier and more welcoming. Consider adding some warmer style elements in the room, such as wooden-look tiles or a vanity unit painted in a deep colour such as Farrow and Ball’s new Paean Black or De Nimes. If space is in your favour, why not a Chaise longue or an arm chair? 

Another benefit of underfloor heating in a wet room, is that water will dry much faster and it also reduces the moisture in the room.

Baths are everybody’s best friend come Winter so if you're buying a new bath consider what your bath it is made of and your best friend gets better. Steel baths are a great options because they keep water warmer for longer.

If you’re looking to save a little money and strive to consider the environment too, I would steer towards a very handy product; single electric towel rails. These give you way more more flexibility than a standard towel rail; not only can you fit it in a much smaller space but it can be timed so your towel is warmed up ready to go!

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