Refresh Your Bathroom

We chatted to interiors experts about how to refresh your bathroom this season...

RIP292-Tips-web-graphics-1.jpg“A really easy way to add a splash of personality to your bathroom is to switch out your chrome brassware for something a little different. Matt-black fittings look really sophisticated, and are very much on-trend right now. Or for a more luxe look, gold is a great option - as is my personal favourite, rose-gold.” (Says Yvette Murrell, Features Writer at KBB magazine). 


"Bear in mind that accessories are more than just eye candy. Start by assessing your space and considering what you need; this will help you choose accessories that also serve a function. Next step: consider the style of your bathroom. Does it rock an industrial vibe? Think rich metals, distressed finishes and raw materials. Perhaps it is an oasis of calm? Cue leafy greens and soothing greys, blonde woods and richly veined marble. Once you have defined your style, head to Ripples" says Sophie Baylis (Interiors Writer).


Senior Designer at Ripples, Neil Curtis told us "when I design a bathroom I really need to understand the lifestyle of my customers, that’s why it’s really important to visit their homes first. I ask my customers how they use their bathroom, who uses the bathroom and how much time they spend in their bathroom. By asking these questions I can slowly start to build an understanding of their requirements and design them the perfect bathroom.

If a customer has children, then I would be suggesting we look at low-line baths, or perhaps if they like a selection of beauty products in their bathrooms, I’d be talking to them about storage solutions that work in the space they have. A specialist will be taking in to account the lifestyle of a customer to ensure these personal touches exist".


Meanwhile Portia Lubbock (Style Editor at EKBB magazine) told us "the right bath, whether it’s a brightly coloured or fresh white, can be made to be the full focus in the bathroom depending on the backdrop you layer it against. A bold, freestanding tub easily grabs attention because it’s such a large statement in a bathroom. Whereas a clean white bath tub, shapely or not, seems to enhance the feeling of quality and the focus is pulled together not only by the bath, but by the wall tiles behind and general layers of styling with plants, mirrors, stools etc.

Zoning the bathing area is a really chic way of creating a space to retreat, away from any other essentials that you may feel clutter the bathroom. You can simply section it off by using one particular pattern of wall tiles that you love, continuing down to flow across the floor until a certain point; this can often make the space look bigger and allows you to separate areas for particular purposes. This can also work around the vanity space, layering above and beside the washstand with such things as a mirror, wall lights and brassware.  

Think of your bathroom walls as a collage and how you can build up the layers using colour, texture and shape, as well as using height to create a fully styled space. A little bit of natural greenery can do the bathroom a world of good as a quick refresh and textural addition. Plus, you won’t find that natural green anywhere other than embracing the real thing!".


"Whilst you might not be able to overhaul your bathroom from top-to-toe every season, you can switch up your accessories as and when you fancy. How you do it is entirely up to you and your budget: you might want to give a stylish nod to an of-the-moment trend, you might want to tap into a specific colour scheme or you might prefer to give a nod to a more timeless look. Whatever the situation, a carefully curated assortment of bathroom accessories can lift your colour scheme and tie the whole look of your room together. Want a quick fix? Think easy to source: a colour-pop set of towels, for example, an assortment of lush pot plants, some striking framed prints on your wall... Have a little more money to play with? Pick a higher-impact focal detail that will capture the eye and subtly transform your space: an impressive mirror that makes your heart skip a beat, say, or a vintage-inspired radiator". Says Katie Byrne, Editor of KBB Ark

Time to refresh your bathroom? Head to one of our UK showrooms to chat to our design experts 


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