How to Buy a Shower : Storage, Lighting and Tiles

Our April Shower Sale is now on and it got us thinking, how should I go about buying a new shower? There are lots of areas to think about such as storage, lighting and tiles (see our last feature on how to achieve class with shower glass). Our designers are our go-to gurus on these things so here are some of their top tips to consider...



Recessed shelves within a shower area are a great way to utilise the void in a stud or false wall and add some in-shower storage. You can also use these to create a subtle but definite ‘wow’ in the room. Think about adding some lighting and a pop of colour in the back of those recesses to inject a bit of personality into the room. Recesses will cost more to install than a shower basket but if you are able to create one, it’ll be worth the additional installation costs for that spa-like feel.



Lighting is possibly one of the most important aspects of bathroom design. Rather than just going for ceiling spotlights, think about using LED strips in recesses or under vanity units. The correct lighting can completely change the look and feel of a bathroom and make a plain space go from drab to fab! Drop by to see a designer at Ripples and we’ll help pick out the best lighting products to use in your bathroom.



When it comes to choosing tiles it can be pretty overwhelming, there are so many to choose from out there. You can definitely add your own flair with a statement shower wall or create a timeless look with large format tiles - the possibilities are endless! If you are conscious of your budget, just tile where it is needed (wet areas, behind WC’s etc). This is a good way to help keep costs down. If you do opt for partial tiling, make sure you use bathroom specific paint to stop premature peeling.

Pop into a showroom this April and we can help you pick the perfect tiles, a stylish showerhead or we can offer a complete bathroom solution.

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