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With Ripples first showroom established in 1988 in the beautiful city of Bath, let's just say our love for this place goes way back! When it comes to advice on where to shop, we've got it covered. One of our favourite shops to pop into is Spotty Herberts, the perfect one-stop-shop for childrens toys, clothes and gifts owned and run by good friends and mothers Kate Austin and Emily Ingram.

We wanted to find out more about this lovely, little top spot...

Tell us about yourself, Kate?

I first came to Bath in 1991 to study Graphics up on Sion Hill. I’ve since roamed from London to Asia, Australia and Italy, living abroad for four years before returning to London and then back to Bath.

And what's the story behind Spotty Herberts?

I set up shop with my good friend Emily. We just couldn’t find the bits, bobs and wardrobes for our kids and would shop when on holiday or back in London. After much discussion we opened up the first shop which was out on the Box Road. ‘Spotty Herbert’ is an old term for a mischievous child playing in the street, a child with a glint in their eye, 'up to no good.’ Both Emily’s family and mine happened to use this phrase quite regularly so it seemed an obvious choice!

You clearly have an eye for great design, tell us about how you've come to be able to curate such a beautiful collection of childrens toys, clothes etc?

Well, I began my journey in design with carrying out my degree at Bath Spa University in Graphic Design. My first job was to manage an Interiors Concession in Harvey Nichols so I was surrounded by some amazing, unique work by artisans and craftspeople. Later on I was whisked away over to Asia/Australia where I began making multimedia collage. Two years later we moved to Milan, I took a studio space, learnt a little Italian and began to make and show large scale collage. Back in London, another studio and then the kids turned up! I still feel like we're creating our very own collage in our little shop, it's just a different format - we love it!

Who inspires you?

I’m constantly inspired by the many beautiful, individual small Independent shopkeepers and makers I discover both online and on the streets. I’ve many favourites and an ever-growing wish list for the shop!

Define your perfect day...

Warm sunshine, a cup of tea in bed and then pancakes out and about before driving to a beach. A dip in the sea, some hot chips on the sea front, no ketchup, a spot of kite-flying and then a nap. Maybe tea and cake in there somewhere too. Finally home for a hot bath with a glass of something cold and if I can keep my eyes open, a magazine or two!

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