Bath vs Shower PT.2

This week, we speak to Leanne to get her thoughts on showers in the big debate; Bath or Shower?


"If you’re holding on to your bath purely for resale reasons then it’s time to pull it out, put the double shower that you have always longed for in, in place of the bath that you never use. 

Think about the bathroom that you want now and if, one day, you decide it’s time to sell, then the new homeowners will pop a bath back in if it’s that important to them. Most of the time when people move they will consider change the bathroom because it may not be to their taste regardless of whether it has a bath or not.

Black shower feature.jpg

If this is your forever home then a shower will future proof you bathroom and ensure that you can simply jump in and out in years to come, not just today. 

There is nothing quite like the indulgence of a hotel inspired shower, which has all of the luxuries (and more, in my opinion) of the freestanding bath and if you can pull out your bath for double the space to shower and it’s what you as the homeowner really long for then we can assure you it will be the best bathroom decision you’ve ever made. 

Have we tempted you? Here are the five things to consider before popping in a brand new shower...

Consider an integrated shower seat, topped with a piece of natural stone, this adds a touch of luxury and is practical too allowing you to take the weight off of weary feet and indulge in a moment of relaxation. 

Kartell by Laufen_ISH 2017_12.jpg

Make a feature of your shower; choose bold glass to make it stand out in the room, whether that is colour, tined or framed glass. Think about creating a shower recess to store your bottles that might normally clutter the floor of your shower.

A design-led shower area creates a great focal point in the room and is as much of a statement as any bath. Think about the layout of the whole room, if you’re going for a walk-in shower then place furniture away from the shower so you minimize how wet items get.


Think about adding under floor heating and wall heating (yes really) to dry up moisture, this will give a low level heat and heat your tile. Now when you step out of the shower you wont feel a chill but thanks to heated floors and walls your room will remain warm.

At Ripples we offer customised lighting solutions for your shower, maybe you want lighting that changes at the click of a button, lighting placed on a timer or on a PIR sensor (so that when someone steps in the shower, it automatically comes on), these are all options."

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