6 tips for buying (& maintaining) a shower

With so many options to choose from, buying a shower can sometimes be a stressful experience. Here are 6 of our top tips for creating, and maintaining, a shower space.

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1. Choosing shower glassThere are many shower glass options to choose from, differing  in size, shape and style. Firstly, think about whether you want a shower enclosure or a more open space with a shower screen. From here there are few other areas to consider, which our designers can guide you through, identifying what you’ll need for your space.  

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2. Shower glass thicknessIt might sound a bit dull but  the thickness of your glass is a key consideration when re-designing a shower space. Shower glass is generally available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm options. We recommend choosing a thicker glass as it will stand the test of time and if it’s going to have high use, it needs to be sturdy. 

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3. Shower glass style - You can go bold or simple here but don’t let your space restrict you. If you’re looking for a statement we have a range of Crittall style glass or fluted glass which we offer in a variety of frame colours from the popular black to bright yellow.  Frameless glass is great option for those looking for something that feels light and airy. 

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4. Little things - Don’t forget to invest in a good quality squeegee. Get into the habit of wiping down the glass after each use to remove additional water. A quick hack which you’ll thank yourself for in the long run!

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5. Mood lighting - You can also avoid watermarks by getting an easy clean coating applied on top of your chosen shower glass. It will be low maintenance and limescale resistant making  for a dream cleaning scenario.

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6. Tidying up - Recessed shelves within a shower area are a great way to utilise the void in a stud or false wall and add some in-shower storage. You can also use them to create a subtle but definite ‘wow’ in the room. Recesses will cost more to install than a shower basket but if you are able to create one, it’ll be worth the additional installation costs for that spa-like look.

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